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Asus AT37N7A-I Nvidia ION Linux Configuration

I've been using this excellent motherboard for about 2 years, it has now been disassembled as I had less of a need for a silent PC in the living room after retiring my use of MythTV.  I had Ubuntu installed on this PC and during its lifetime was subjected to many performance tweaks. Rather than delete this work, I've decided to put the files online for other people to use. Sound I wanted digital sound over the HDMI cable so it can be played by either my TV or AV amp; I've played back DTS HD with this configuration, my TV had issues with some sample rates which is why the rate is configured explicitly. asoundrc pcm.!default front pcm.analog-hw { type hw card 0 device 0 } pcm.analog-hw-formatted { type plug slave { pcm analog-hw rate 48000 } } { type hw card 0 device 3 } { type plug slave { pcm digital-hw rate 48000 } } pcm.hdmi_softvol { type softvol slave.pcm digital-hw-formatt