Thursday, May 10, 2012

Streaming Music Charts

I'm not really one for watching the music charts - I did when I was in school, but now I don't really care how well the X-Factor title is doing. However, just like when paid for music downloads were integrated with the traditional music charts I am interested in next week's inclusion of streaming services such as Spotify. I'll also be interested to see how similar the streaming chart is to the download and traditional charts. The article I read on the BBC noted streaming represented 4.5% of the UK music revenue. But also noted artists hold back releases from Spotify.
Carney went on to explain that his band had decided to withhold their critically-acclaimed album El Camino from Spotify.
Apparently due to the fact they see very little money from streaming services. I don't understand the logic with this, withholding albums from streaming services won't make me run out and buy it - I'm already coughing up £10 per month and given the vastness of Spotify's catalogue I'm quite happy to listen to alternatives.

On-demand music gets own chart (via BBC)