Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Barry John Williams is on LinkedIn

I've just created a LinkedIn profile for myself. I'm very impressed with LinkedIn which is a social network for professionals. Through some business contacts I've met over the years I'm able to access hundreds of people similar skilled to myself. This also helps in my current employment position as I can find desirable companies much easier and quicker than Google.

I like to keep my CV and LinkedIn profile separate (barring introduction and previous job) as I'm constantly changing my CV, but perhaps I should put all my projects on LinkedIn too...

Here is the guide I used for setting up my profile: Ten ways to use LinkedIn

Quick plug for My LinkedIn profile.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Innova Clothing is Dead


I've been working for a company called Virtual-Mirrors Ltd (also Innova Clothing) for 8 years; a digital clothing project where women could be scanned; browse virtual images on a clothing catalogue style website changing styles and fabrics to taste and then having that garment made specifically to fit their bodyshape.

I worked on the website visualisations and alongside had visions of using tools like Microsoft Kinect to bring this technology into the living room. My idea used motion tracking to provide a virtual mirror catalogue with live cloth to preview the garments on your avatar with facility to order them directly. Another gimmick was a garment studio to allow you to have fun making your very own garment from smaller components of all the styles (even though it probably could not be sewn).

Alas, this has all gone to waste as I received notice the company has run out of money and can no longer fund development so it looks like none of this will ever be!

I wrote the software behind these visualisations and the web service to composite these images together (you could see different garments with each other on the same bodymodel). The modelling work for the styles and cloth were performed in 3D Max and rendering via Renderman.

I've created a portfolio of some of the work I've done for Virtual Mirrors (or more recently known as Innova Clothing) and uploaded them to Flickr! for prosperity.

Looks like time to spend some quality time with my 3 month old son whilst my wife goes back to work!

In the meantime, here is a plug for my CV which contains more detailed descriptions of the work I did along with the portfolio images.


Farewell Innova Clothing / Virtual-Mirrors Ltd it was fun!