Friday, April 24, 2009

Every phone call, email or website visit 'to be monitored'

From the Telegraph:

The proposals will give police and security services the power to snoop on every single communication made by the public with the data then likely to be stored in an enormous national database.

The British government's spy-a-thon campaign is getting crazy!

I noticed recently there were more than 20 fixed CCTV cameras able to see me in Glasgow's Central Station concourse - that number does not include the ones on trains and in the shops.

Bring on Paranoid Linux:
an operating system that assumes that its operator is under assault from the government

~Cory Doctorow (Little Brother, 2008)

In the meantime, use the Tor project:

Crunch - Card Game for Utter Bankers

Just bought "Crunch", a game from TerrorBull games (who also make War on Terror), the description of this game is:

As the CEO of a global bank, it's your personal responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure a comfortable retirement.

Would make my payment method quite appropriate then!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter weekend at Cobleland Campsite

Easter Weekend 2009 - 29

Over the weekend Louise and I had a relaxing stay at a campsite we visited last year. Cobleland is a Forestry Commission campsite and is located on the banks of the river Forth in the Queen Elizabeth Forest near Aberfoyle. The weather was absolutely amazing, even getting a little sunburnt on the Sunday!! It rained a little in Glasgow before we left on Friday, but the sun came out later and kept on shining until we left on Monday!

As before we went on a ranger activity, this time doing an early morning hike through the forest which was thoroughly enjoyable, unfortunately we missed any deer or squirrel though we did spot their traces during the walk. We also had a map of the area with some trails on it so we walked around the yellow trail from Lemahamish.

There have been some improvements to Cobleland from last year, there were more electric hookups available (which meant we were pushed further up the hillside as we use Solar) and the toilet and shower blocks looked like they had been refurbished. A very much recommended campsite which we will be returning to soon.

Next time we might walk up Doon Hill and offer gifts to the fairies...