Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wii Jackets Arrived

Earlier this month I placed an order for the new Nintendo Wii Remote Jackets, 4 days ago I received an email stating they would arrive within the next 10 days. Well yesterday I received them. Two rubber covers and an instruction leaflet informing me how to fit the jacket were in the jiffy bag.

Amusingly on the front cover of the leaflet, it does warn me not to deliberately knock the Wii remote against the TV, furniture or other objects and also warning me the jacket will not eliminate potential damage completely - I was hoping it was gonna be like the Hazard Suit in Metroid...

The jacket itself is quite nice, not too flimsy or thick. The material is soft and not too sticky either and it's ribbed around the edges for extra grip. The air cushion at the end isn't too bulky but looks like it ought to do the job!

The whole thing looks quite nice when it's on the remote. It covers over the power button at the top of the remote (the only button covered by the remote), but it doesn't seem to affect operation. The IR window at the top of the remote is uncovered and recessed by the air cushion so it should be quite safe! It's also slightly curved around the sides so in addition to the grippiness of the rubber and ribs, it should be quite difficult for this to slide out of sweaty hands - useful for a Rayman Raving Rabbids championship!!

There is a dust cover built into the jacket to protect the Nunchuck connector which is a good idea and it is easy to remove the cover to plug the Nunchuck in.

In the hand it feels like a tennis racket handle which is quite convenient as I like Wii Tennis!! Overall very neat and both remotes will be covered by this today!

Not sure how it will operate with the new Wii Guitar Hero III controller, I suspect I may have to remove the cover for the remote to fit in. Similarly with other remote accessories you'll probably have to remove the cover!

I think it's well thought out - and if I saw this in the shops or on eBay, I'd probably have bought one.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Leopard on Amazon

You can now pre-order Mac OS X Leopard on Amazon UK. It's been on the US Amazon site for a few days now and now number 2 and 4 in the Amazon UK top software sellers. I've preordered and look forward to it's arrival next Friday.

This will be the third Mac OS X operating system I have purchased; Panther; Tiger and now Leopard. Each of which have been worth every penny!

I debated whether I should buy it at Glasgow's new Apple Store or online; I decided to take advantage of Amazon's discounted price instead.

Link to Apple's Leopard site
Pre-order Leopard on Amazon

Churchill Make Good

Earlier in the year Louise and I had an eventful drive to the south of Spain and a small part of that was spent waiting at the side of the AP-15 just outside Pamplona in the Provincia de Navarra, Spain. We waited for about 5 hours whilst our UK breakdown company Green Flag (via Churchill Insurance) mis-communicated with Linea Directa, their Service Provider in Spain.

When we returned from our trip there was a questionnaire lying in the hallway asking me to rate the service received for this breakdown. I took great delight in expressing my feelings including specifying the weather as 40 degree direct burning sunlight. On the back they had a suggestions box which I used to highlight (what I thought) were the main problems which could and should be rectified.

A week ago I received a letter stating that they have admitted the lack of communication and apologised for the inconvenience. They explain that they will discuss this with their service partners - presumably so it doesn't happen to somebody else in the future. Anyway they refunded £40 as a gesture of goodwill.

I'm quite happy that something is being done and I've scanned in the body of text for everyone to read:

Link to my blog post about the journey

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wii Remote Cover

Just read on Engadget that US Wii owners are being offered a free rubber cover for their Wii Remotes. These are sticky to stop sweaty palm sliders and cushioned at the front to soften impact on TV screens, etc.

After a bit of hunting, I found this service is available to UK Wii owners too and you can order more than one. They'll be including them with all future Wiis and Remotes.

Just placed my order for two.

Nintendo UK Wii Remote Jacket Request

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It runs Doom!

Following on with the Doom theme (believe me this is completely unintentional), I just discovered the phone I use (a Palm Treo 680) runs Doom. Let's be honest here, what doesn't?

Well, since my contract is coming to an end I've been scoping out possible alternatives. Possibly a Nokia N series on Three; or maybe the iPhone on O2 - unlikely, I've tried the "My iPod needs replacing" already!

Then via the palminfocenter.com I discovered ZDoomZ which is a port of the Doom engine to the Palm. It will run any Wad files - which I happen to have both Doom and Doom2 wads lying about!

It was a bit tricky to install since I had to install the Timidity MIDI engine by hand since the instructions didn't work. Doom went on fine and after configuring some keys I started Doom to be prompted by familiar music and a surprisingly smooth Doom experience - with authentic sound!!

I may just be keeping hold of my Palm after all!!

ZDoomZ at MetaViewSoft
Wikipedia Article about Versions and Ports to Doom