Saturday, September 29, 2007

Doom Soundtrack

It's been years since I played doom - but I've never forgotton the tunes. I've never since known a game to have such a menacing, but fantastic soundtrack!! I once had one of the levels as a ringtone on my mobile!

I appreciated this YouTube video for exactly this reason - although this guy plays the doom level theme "megamix" purely on the piano!

Great Stuff!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Colin and Aileen Wood

Yesterday Louise and I attended the wedding of my friend Colin to his fiancée, Aileen at the Western Hose Hotel at Ayr Racecourse. I met Colin during Physics as my lab partner at uni before discovering he was on my computing course. Colin was the best man at my own wedding 2 years ago.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the day and we wish them all the happiness in the future!

Congratulations to you both!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a big headed, arrogant and sore loser. Every single press interview he gives, makes me dislike him further. I remember back at race 5 or 6 when Lewis failed to get onto the Podium, when asked how he felt, he responded that he wasn't quite sure what to do since "this is the first time I don't have to go to the Podium".

On the linked BBC article Lewis Hamilton is quoted:

I've never felt favourite but it's always easier when you're chasing someone than defending.

Nothing to do with the other Driver's skills of course? The almighty Schumacher never had this problem!

Yes Lewis, you are a good driver and in the next few years when you've found your feet and honed your skills - you will be unbeatable. At the moment though, you aren't. The first corner at Spa proved this - Alonso kept his ground and you lost out!

Personally I think Hamilton's points have all come from the start of the season when he did so well - since then he's been in the top 5 - but not at the top. The start of the season was very convenient for him, because of the hours he put in at McLaren training simulators which none of the other drivers of any car had been able to do at their teams.

Unfortunately for Lewis, his luck's running out faster than his track experience is gaining.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Steve Job's First Apology (Joy of Tech)

Steve Jobs seems to have manage a massive PR bonus by offering $100 to all early iPhone customers. The Joy of Tech has taken his letter out of context and rewritten it as if it was his first!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bad/Inappropriate? Joke...

Something told me not to post this joke, but what the hell!

What's worse than letting Michael Jackson look after your kids?
Letting the McCanns take them on holiday!

See, told you it was bad! In a similar vein as the other I heard:

Renault has just released a brand new people carrier - apparently it's so large, you can lose your kids in it! This wondrous car? The Renault McCann...

Sorry to all you McCann supporters out there!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Help find Steve Fossett using Google Earth

I think this is a really impressive use of Google Earth and the internet (centred around Amazon's "turk" technology); a massive distributed effort using recent satellite images on both Amazon and linked to Google Earth to find the missing explorer, Steve Fossett.

Basically you log into Amazon using your normal book buying username and password and select which Turk you want to do - the Steve Fossett one is free, but many others you can get paid for. Then you are presented with an example image and the image Amazon want you to check. You simply select "yes" (there is something interesting) or "no" (move along, nothing to see here).

Go to Amazon's Mechanical Turk (
Original article on BBC News

Sunday, September 09, 2007

IT Crowd antipiracy ad

I'm a fan of the IT crowd and watch it whenever it's shown on Friday nights on C4 (My Sky+ automatically records it for me).

Catch it if you can, although you can download it using BitTorrent if you miss it!

Which is a bit ironic, considering this was the start of last night's IT Crowd - a parody of movie copyright infringement videos you get on DVDs these days!