Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Apple TV like Sync on a Macbook Pro

I was wondering earlier when and if someone could write a piece of software which makes any mac pretend it was an Apple TV. One of the features I like about the new Apple TV is the ability to 'push' and 'sync' music and video onto the device from any iTunes library, So.... if someone could figure out how to emulate an Apple TV's response to iTunes - you could possibly make any computer pretend to be an Apple TV and sync your music to any computer!

There are programs out there like SyncOTunes and SlingShot, these are all rsync based with some AppleScript to update iTunes' library - no disrespect to their authors, but they are separate applications. The Apple TV emulation would make the whole thing seamless and integrated within iTunes.

Perhaps I should have a look at this, although this may mean purchasing an Apple TV, which, until it supports DivX out of the box (or post installable without warranty voiding) I'm not interested in :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Discovered this link on the net which I found quite interesting! It's a robot with four axis of movement and programmed to respond to the rhythm of music in a human way.

They have two videos on the site and they are spookily amusing to watch! The robot really does dance to the music and quite well too...

Found it originally on BoingBoing
Direct link to the article

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vista Upgrade Flowchart

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Extreme Swing

I'm up for extreme activities - never done one yet, but i'd like to. This one however does look pretty terrifying! It's the world's largest swing across The Oribi Gorge (Google Earth Link).

The linked blog has a YouTube video on it demonstrating the swing - crap sound - good video though.

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lunar Eclipse March 2007

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My camera was out from 10 o clock last night snapping photographs of the Lunar Eclipse which was meant to be one of the most spectacular ever. I've nothing to compare with but it was certainly a fantastic sight!

I was slightly surprised at the number of people walking past me asking me what I was taking photographs of. They had no idea an eclipse was happening and didn't even notice the moon was red until I pointed it out!

Link to my Lunar Eclipse flickr set