Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Simpsons vs Star Trek

I like this mash up between 'The Simpsons' theme tune and 'Star Trek' (TOS) theme tune. Very cleverly performed and the video is amusing to watch - the funnel guy is great!

Check it out on YouTube (Another Favorited Vid)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Continuing the theme of Air Travel...

Just read this article on the BBC about a drunk passenger on a flight from Dubai to Glasgow who was shouting and swearing onboard the flight and later claimed he was a terrorist - after he had landed at Glasgow.

As a result of this incident Sheriff Spy is quoted:
It seems to me that the question of alcohol in-flight is an issue which needs to be addressed in the current climate

This is utterly ridiculous, one man gets drunk and the other thousands of passengers who fly every day could lose their 'drinks privileges'. I quite enjoy a drink or two in flight and in fact my last flight our Steward mixed my wife and I up some Sangria because they didn't have any Spanish wine onboard!!

The government is already doing a pretty good job of making flying as mundane as possible - I no longer know if I'm even allowed my iPod onboard my easyjet flight in two weeks... now this jobsworth wants to make it worse!

Lidl and Air Berlin Team up (for a week)

Just read this article on the BBC News about Lidl selling low cost flights to Europe from Air Belin within it's stores! They'll be selling vouchers that cost £19 which can be exchanged for a £69 flight from Glasgow, Stansted, Manchester, Belfast and Bournemouth to many destinations in Europe!!

I don't agree with Dr Jonathan Reynolds (who is a director of the Oxford Institute of Retail Management and a Fellow in Retail Marketing at Templeton College, Oxford University):

It's a really positive development and makes low cost airline travel more accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

We shop at Lidl on a weekly basis, yet also afford to fly quite regularly, even saving BA miles as members of BA's Executive Club. I think it's about time people starting shedding their preconceptions of Lidl has a 'low cost' food store and realise how good the quality of their food is.

Ending my rant though. I think this is great! Not quite sure if we'll take advantage of it though as we're not planning for any holidays in the next 6 months.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Chipped Bins to 'Promote' Recycling

Just read an article on the BBC about Chipped Bins to promote recycling.
This article describes a new 'pay as you throw' system would charge residents by having an RFID chip in your bin and a set of scales on the bin lorry. Each resident would then be charged depending on how much household waste they throw out.

The article quotes Mr Bettison, chairman of the LGA's environment board:

Some people say 'what's in it for me?' Well, let's make it in their interest to recycle by helping them. In that way, we're encouraging them to recycle more

Sounds to me more like blackmail - if you don't recycle we'll just charge you... If they were offering a discount in council tax then I might agree, but rates are extortionate enough without an added 'tax' like this.

Just to put the United Kingdom into perspective, my holiday home in Spain has it's bins empty every day and I pay for the 'basura' separately to my rates, it's a staggering 62 euros a year. Why is it so much more to empty the bins once a week over here??

I can see locking bin lids being the next best seller at B&Q!

Friday, August 25, 2006

PIN Busting Part II

I refer to an earlier posting of mine where I tried out a technique to work out the PIN from a 'Hydalam' PIN mailer. These are the PIN advisory letters you get when you receive a new card from your bank. My credit card was subject to fraudulent activity so my wife and I both received new cards and a PIN reminder.

With a high resolution scan (9600 DPI) and 16 bit greyscale scan of the letter - it took me 5 minutes in photoshop to obtain my wife's full PIN without any tampering of the letter (I didn't try mine because the bank never changed the PINs so I'd know what it was). Unlike my last attempt where I got 2 numbers wrong - this time it was totally obvious what all four numbers were!

Suggest you change your PINs folks! Only if your letters been opened that is... Next time I might try through the envelope.....
Slo-Mo Home Depot

This is a really original video about a group of people who walk into a DIY store shopping in slow motion for 5 minutes, normal for 5 and then standing still for 5 minutes. It's incredible watching the other shoppers reactions - YouTube faved...

Apple Recalls Batteries

Originally read this on TUAW last night (Apple Recalls 1.1 million batteries). The TUAW story linked to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's Press Release which listed the effected serial numbers. I found out my Wife's iBook's battery is one of those affected.

I couldn't get onto the support site last night, but first thing this morning I was able to. After adding the computer serial number and battery I was informed that both were elligible for a replacement battery - off to the next screen where I typed in my address details.

It should take about 4 to 6 weeks to get the replacement battery and once I do, I use the same packaging to send them the old battery using their pre-printed label!

I don't know what the Dell replacement battery experience is like - but certainly Apple's was as easy as it's software!! Mustn't leave good feedback tho' till it arrives - which is a while away at 4 to 6 weeks... I'll update when we get it!

Link to Apple's Battery Exchange Program

In relation to my previous blog entry - I'd better not take this iBook onboard a plane :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ryanair - Put the fun back into flying!

Ryanair have posted this image on their website exclaiming 'Put the fun back into flying!'

I find this quite amusing as it is true what Cory Doctorow says on his blog ( What would happen if a few terrorists jammed some explosives into their body cavities???

I am in full support of Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary threat to sue the government - it is utterly ridiculous that these measures have been put in place. They have removed a little more of our freedoms which is partially giving in to terrorism. To have John Reid MP on one side stating you cannot be dictated to by terrorists - yet on the other blatently giving in shows just how two faced a government can be!

Whilst I wouldn't normally post things like this on my blog - I'm fairly sure given the limited supplies you are now allowed on board someone could still cause some damage - think about what the water in the on-board toilet combined with the Li-Ion battery in your iPod/Camera/Phone can do...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Worlds greatest plugin

I discovered this plugin via TUAW. It scans all outgoing messages searching for common phrases referring to attached documents and flags up a reminder in the event you haven't attached anything. I'm quite adept at sending emails referring to attachments which either arrive a few seconds later in a separate email or worse after the recipient reminds me...

I'll certainly be installing this one!

Link to Attachment Scanner Plugin for

Link to TUAW article

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Plane collides with Fuel Tanker

Originally uploaded by thegeekguy.
At Tulsa, Oklahoma the ground crew managed to succesfully collide this plane with the fuel truck parked between the two planes. The planes left wing struck the tanker and the plane stopped where it was. This guy was watching and has posted all his photos on Flickr!

Looks to me like the fuel truck is in the wrong place as there isn't much room between the two planes, I don't know what the yellow line means between the plane and the truck - perhaps the plane was directed into a slot too small...

Monday, August 14, 2006


I've created a load of new photo sets (or albums) in Flickr! which now cover quite a lot of the photos I've taken over the last few years. The photos in the albums are a small subset of the total in Flickr! but allow you to navigate into the main images by using the tags or the date of the image taken.

I've added Louise and my recent trip to Spain fully tagged and added a complimenting album with the 'best of' photos.

All my sets can be found at the following URL.

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Small Ads From The UK

Quite a funny posting I found on SnakeOil Lab's blog. Short descriptive and funny adverts found in the UK press have been displayed for all to enjoy.

Kinda reminds me of the Metro 'mail' section in Glasgow's free paper...

Link to article

Link to Snake Oil