Friday, September 30, 2005

eBid Auctions

For today only, eBid are offering their Gold Membership for only 75p. Their Gold membership offers free listings and zero final value fees.

If you're interested you can register by following this link. If that didn't work then you can register at

The original register article is here.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cheque Arrived

I received a cheque for ten pounds today from "Wireless Information Network" regarding my complaint blogged earlier.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Text Scam Update

I telephoned the customer service number again and this time obtain the details for the 81213 provider and managed to speak to someone (unfortunately, not from the 81213 provider).

They have confirmed that I was subscribed to a company called VENISTA and their customer support number is 08706 091720. Unsurprisingly, this number goes straight to an answer phone!

They do have a website ( which details an email address ( I've added another message to their answer phone and sent them an email.

UPDATE: I received a call from Venista this morning at 11, unfortunately I missed it - but they left an answer message saying they'll try later.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Venista Contact

I have just been contacted about the text messages I was sent and apparently I've been subscribed for a few years and have been sent 51 messages!! After explaining I hadn't received any messages she agreed to refund me £10 for the trouble. This will be sent as a cheque to me in the next 14 days.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Neds!

I can't believe this is on the BBC's website. Really funny - The Ned Olympics!! It's a load of flash games where you play a NED in Glasgow.

Ripped Off!

I've been ripped off by a ringtone club. I've never subscribed to any ringtone club, yet I've just been charged £3 to receive a ten day subscription!!

I received a text from the number 81213 which gave me a customer service number and the option to stop all messages with a reply. Wary of this I contacted Orange to ask them for advice, apparently there is nothing they can do to stop these calls, but they did seem honest about it and gave me the customer service number of the "Ringtone and Logo Club" which is 0845 130 9911 (charged at local rates). They also refunded 12p to send a "STOP ALL" text message to 81213 and the 25p customer service call which was kind of them.

In addition to the customer service number, they also gave me the telephone numbers of the Industrial Commission for Standards in Telephone Information Services which is 0800 500 212 and they also gave me the telephone number for the Telephone Preference Service which is 0845 070 0707. The commission I can complain to and the preference service I think removes my number from Junk mailing lists.

I telephoned the 81213 customer service number yesterday and found the automated service too easy to use and wasn't surprised when it ended with an answering machine. You need to speak to a customer service agent to obtain a refund. However they should be able to tell you how the number was subscribed. I am trying again today.