Monday, May 19, 2014

Qobuz One Week On

After 1 week of use, I have decided not to pay £20 per month for Qobuz HiFi streaming.

The audio quality is superb and long may this type of service continue! But, Qobuz do not offer a DLNA solution which means I can't easily integrate with my existing HiFi; the result of this means I can either stream exclusively from Qobuz or exclusively from my own collection of music. Since Qobuz isn't as complete as it could be, it makes the exclusively Qobuz experience less desirable, even less if I own studio master albums. In many cases I could purchase the music directly from Qobuz and therefore get the rights to stream it, but this would mean repurchasing many albums which would be crazy! It would be good to be able to upload my existing CD rips or flac purchases to Qobuz (Google Play Music style) for me to listen exclusively through their app.

Their desktop app is okay, I covered most in my previous post, the playlist management is very poor I found moving tracks about in the playlist almost impossible and in some cases managed to duplicate the playlist items when removing tracks from it.

Building on the lack of DLNA and incomplete music library, for the price of £20 per month I can get quite a few CDs so another question asked could be how much new music do I discover each month? The answer to this is quite low, 1 album a week a week would be very generous!

Therefore on the basis of cost, lack of integration with my existing music system and incomplete audio collection, I have decided their paid for HiFi streaming service is not for me.


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