Thursday, August 08, 2013

Majik Linn System

As long time regular readers may know, I'm interested in hifi and snapped up an offer to work at Linn last year as an application developer for factory operations. 

I finally decided to purchase a Linn system and after trialling 2 systems in the factory's 'Linn Home' I settled on a black Majik DSM with floorstanding Majik 140 speakers in a white finish. Linn very kindly allowed me to test the system in my living room for a few days before my purchase and once setup I couldn't believe the sound. I've never heard music sound so good in my home! 

I recall when leaving my last work, the owner stopped me to wished me luck at Linn and said to me "the first thing you need to do at Linn is buy a Majik system". Well I can see why and he was right!

I'm now busy rejuvenating my music collection by re-ripping in Flac as the difference between mp3 and flac is clear. 

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