Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Glasgow Science Centre

On Tuesday 9th April we had an incredible experience at the centre; on the way in, my niece lost her "Upsy Daisy" teddy because the wind blew it out of her hands and into the Clyde! She was hysterically upset and for a short period so was my son, Ethan exclaimed "Daisy's Dead", and later a more worrying "I want to get Daisy for Ava". I was ready for abandoning the trip and returning home, but my wife calmed Ava down and we decided to proceed with the visit.

One very good Samaritan behind the tills asked why she was upset and went well beyond the call of duty by making a phone call and coming back shortly afterwards with a seal cuddly toy, badges, stickers and a dinosaur sponge from their lost and found; my son was given two dinosaurs and some stretchy men. This was amazing and what was doomed was turned around by this gesture as both kids were delighted and really enjoyed the rest of their day!

Sadly I failed to take note of the staff members name, but I hope this message makes it to all the staff involved!

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