Monday, April 01, 2013

Feufield Trust Farm

Feufield Trust Farm-4015132

This morning when deciding where to take Ethan, Louise suggested Feufield Trust; a Llama sanctuary near Biggar. I had a puzzled look on my face, but after reading their website and checking the map I was intrigued ( We visited this morning where we viewed some of the smaller pets in their shop (their tortoise was hiding) after taking a walk around their farm where they have goats, horses, llamas, dogs and chickens roaming free with geese and some other animals viewable behind fences. Ethan seemed to love it, the goats took a liking to Ethan's woolly hat giving it a nibble and Ethan wanted to pet the horses, chickens and dogs.

After the walk, we had some fresh coffee and cake in the Llama Larder cafe where we were given an impromptu rendition of Pie Jesu from Kim and a showing of her Blondie cover on DVD during our cake. After, we ventured into the shop to see 5 1 week old chicks. Ethan gave them a gentle pat and we had another walk around the farm.

We bought some Rhubarb preserve; Hot Courgette Chutney and a half dozen of duck eggs from their farm shop. 

A recommended day out for the family!

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