Sunday, March 31, 2013


A few weeks back I blogged about losing my Nexus for a week whilst it was in for repair. This is a continuation or conclusion to that after my use of the repaired phone for a few weeks.

To summarise, I prefer my smartphone.

So what did I miss without my phone?

  • Taking notes/photo notes when out and about
  • Easy access to the internet for information
  • Tweetdeck
  • A password database
  • Photography depth of field calculator
  • Google maps
  • Draw something!
  • Calendar and ToDo widgets
  • Spotify

With this analysis in mind, once I got my phone back I let Google restore all my apps onto the phone and I restored my Titanium backups, but didn't organise my home screens the same way as before. This time I decided I'd only add an app after I used it for a few times - this has kept the home screens relatively clear. I then switched off as many notifications as I could find. I now find I rarely check emails on my phone - however I do find I search for my Gmail from my phone.

I put Remember The Milk! and Google Calendar on my home screen.

I also had a think about backup strategy; whilst cherished information like photos were automatically synced to Dropbox, I was lucky last time that I could get my app data and SMS messages off the phone. I now use Titanium Backup to backup to a Dropbox synced folder weekly or at least after I think a backup is worthwhile. I've decided keeping all my SMS messages sent and received ever is pointless for me, I've never once searched them so I didn't bother importing them and now delete conversations once finished. 

Surprisingly, I've not installed an ebook reader on my phone or synced my calibre library to the device. I simply haven't had the desire to read a book using my phone, ironically, this was one of the main reasons I bought a phone with a big screen... 

But I still have to charge my phone every day... 

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