Sunday, November 04, 2012

First Week at Linn

As some of you may know, I changed jobs last week. On Wednesday I was a Java developer and on Thursday I started working for Linn Products as a C# and Javascript application developer.

I've known about Linn for sometime and never thought of them as a software company until seeing them in the sidebar of StackOverflow. Whilst I don't have any Linn equipment at home, it has always been something of interest and I was going to purchase some ceiling Sweetspot Linn speakers last year when planning an extension to my home audio system (we didn't extend it in the end). I was also admiring their Klimax system in the Museum of Scotland; never did I realise I'd be working for them a few months later!

My first day was very unconventional, in the evening when explaining the day I accidentally used the term "a good day out". Perhaps a freudian slip, but that was what it felt like - I really enjoyed the first day and indeed the second. Having never commercially used C# and Javascript I was expecting the day to be mainly theory and learning (which of course happened), but surprisingly I felt constructive, even making a valid contribution to the software!

To begin with I was introduced to the team and my workspace which had a temporary laptop and new monitor (my actual PC required installation and the laptop won't drive 2 monitors). However underneath the monitor sat a Majik DS which I could use; I configured this by hooking it up to the network and installing the Songcast software on the laptop.

I had enough to get started and my new team introduced me to Git so I could check out the project I'd be working on; then proceeded to show me how the components were organised and what technologies were in use. During this time, Gilad welcomed me to Linn and for the third time enjoyed the use of the on-site canteen for lunch. I was given a door access card and also informed that Tim Burgess from The Charlatans was playing a few songs in the afternoon with fellow-Charlatan Mark Collins on guitar and Martin Duffy from Primal Scream on keyboard in the Linn Home and the whole staff were invited. They played 6 songs which made for a great introduction to Linn! Although I am told this is not the norm...

Second day went well now that I knew a lot more about what I was meant to be doing so I could start exploring the project myself and start understanding Visual Studio and ReSharper. I'd also brought my headphones in so I could try out the Majik DS which for the moment I'm using it as a spectacular sound card for my work machine. I'll probably bring in some of my Pink Floyd rips to enjoy over the next few weeks!

The morning included a company wide meeting about how the company was doing and this was used to introduce me to the rest of the Linn workforce along with another new employee. We were to be welcomed in the usual way of not sitting next to us in the canteen! Just before lunchtime we were also treated to some excitement of a fire drill where thankfully the weather was nice so standing in the car park wasn't too bad. At least I was able to practice what I learned during my health and safety induction!

Unfortunately I suspect Linn have set my expectations too high from my first two days there!

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