Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Website Building

21/10/12 Update: Now supports HTML5 video and embedded google map support. 

As some readers of my blog may well be aware, my wife and I transformed an LDV panel van into a cool campervan for our holiday use with help from many people both in terms of manufacture and planning. A few years back we put together a website documenting our campervan conversion, but this suffered badly from bit rot and was never kept up to date with the latest upgrades to our 'van. This website included many photographs which were duplicated on Flickr. Being a programmer, I disliked this duplication... with a long overdue update required to the website I decided to do something slightly different.
I didn't want to concern myself with the style and layout of the website, I just wanted the text documenting why we did something and references to any photographs that are already on Flickr. The desire was to keep the description on Flickr and if that was updated, it would be transferred to the website next time it was built.
2 years ago I wrote a similar tool to generate my CV from an XML file, so this seemed like a good place to start.
The process worked very well and I like the result - see it at
I've made the program available to download with an example template. It is a bit basic, but provides a CSS stylesheet and also Lightbox 2. To use the Flickr functionality I have provided my Flickr API key which can be used to download metadata and link to public photographs on Flickr within your website.
A readme.txt file is included within the ZIP file which can be downloaded below. It requires Python installed along with the python-lxml and python-flickrapi libraries.
Website Builder

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