Monday, April 02, 2012

Scotland's Only Working Tram System

Summerlee - 2012-03-31-15-12-56-275

On Saturday I was in Coatbridge with my son and found myself with a few hours to spare, so I took him along to Summerlee which I have visited in the past. Summerlee has a working tram system which they use to run various heritage trams on; we caught a German tram (pictured) from the front entrance to the 'cottages' and a Glasgow Corporation tram back. There is a large machine room with demonstrations from weaving to creating pig iron in a furnace. There are steam locomotives dotted about the museum and outside a large area for children and another with old machinary like tractors on display.

The tram has 3 stops, the museum with machine room, shop and cafe; a tool shed with various tools and workshop machinary on display; and period cottages with an underground mine (with guided tours around it). The cottages are each set in different years from the 1880s up to 1980s.

I didn't take my son down the mine, but have travelled down in the past, they give you a hat, torch and walk you down the old railway underground.

Free to visit, free to park and tram tickets are £1 for an Adult and 50p for children between 5 and 16.

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