Sunday, March 25, 2012

Calderglen Country Park

Calderglen Park-3243264

On Saturday I took my (nearly) 2 year old son to Calderglen Country Park in East Kilbride based on the recommendation from work colleagues. Conveniently I arrived during my son's morning nap so I was able to walk around to see what was available whilst he was still asleep in his pram. Then when he awoke, I put the pram back in the car, attached his back pack/reins and we found a picnic bench to sit down for lunch around the back of the Calderglen Conservatory building, accessed by a pathway between that and the golf club. This was a large green space with many birds flying overhead and bushes for children to explore.

After lunch, we went along a trail toward the Horseshoe Falls (above), the route down is quite steep with a number of steps and at the bridge we sat down for a drink of water before walking back using the more shallow hill path. This arrives at a large adventure playground with many things for kids to do including a sand play area. After Ethan had a play here we dropped off the remains of our lunch at the car and entered the Calderglen Conservatory.

I'd bought a ticket when I first arrived when it was empty so I could skip the queue as each ticket allows entry all day long - it only costs £1.10 and children under 16 are free. My son enjoyed looking at the fish and plants in the conservatory, there were also baby chicks on show near the back with a hatchery too. From here we went outside into the zoo area where we saw the larger animals. My son really enjoyed himself spotting the animals in each enclosure, particularly the Meerkats! Just before leaving we visited the other smaller playback next to the car park.

Great day out - we arrived at 11.20 in the morning, had lunch at 12 (after I'd scoped the zoo out) and eventually left just after 3!

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