Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Starbucks Rewards

I've not written a grumble post for a while, so here's my first in a long time.

Today Starbucks changed their rewards program to the fanfare of 'more free drinks'. I'm not so sure of this at all.

The main reason I'm a Starbucks cardholder is for the £1 filter coffee in the morning when I get off the train. Combined with the 25p when I used my own cup (which I usually did) the price I paid each morning was just 75p - a bargain and enough to convince me to buy coffee from Starbucks most mornings.

I reckon I bought a cup on average 4 mornings during the week. Doing some simple maths using a google spreadsheet, I make this out to be around £130 per year, with the new price and taking into account the 'free tall drink after 15 purchases' it is still an increase of my coffee budget by £70 per year - i.e. 52% increase.

More free drinks my arse. A ploy to stop people like me buying filter coffee each morning and instead 'upgrade them' to buy an Americano or other 'hand made' drink.

Guess I'll be using up the rest of my Starbucks card balance and rather than reload it, buying cartridges for my Tassimo instead :)

It isn't as if there is a shortage of cheap coffee shops...