Monday, December 19, 2011

Polar Express


On Saturday we visited the steam railway at Bo'ness again, this time for 'Santa Steam Trains'. We arrived at 10.00 to a very cold station with a frozen carriage in the process of being defrosted


We boarded Santa's Polar Express and found our table with our name on it. Within a short time the carriage was warmer and the windows demisted so we could see out. After seeing Santa walk up the platform to the front of the train, we were off!

Santa walked up and down the train a few times waving to everyone and all the children were given an Orange to eat. Ethan enjoyed his!

The train travelled very slowly during the short hop to Birkhill during which we sang Christmas Carols and enjoyed a carnival type atmosphere onboard! We were interrupted with the guard announcing we'd soon be stopping at the North Pole (South) station???


Birkhill had been renamed for the day and there were cups of warm punch and skewers of marshmallows and strawberries drizzled with chocolate for sale. We bought some and climbed back aboard for the journey back to Bo'ness.

During this leg Santa stopped to speak to all the children in our carriage and gave them each a present.


On arrival back at Bo'ness there were tea and warm mince pies offered for all the grown ups. We managed to get another photo with Santa and watched the next train leave!

We all enjoyed the day out - and even spotted one of Santa's trunk of toys.


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