Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Review

2010 was a very eventful year for me! Not much in quantity, but definitely high in quality! A complete change of home life and work life; both of which for the better!

My first child Ethan was born in April and I've taken many photographs of him and regularly updated Twitter and/or Facebook. It must be an interesting experience being a child today as their daily lives are regularly documented on social networking sites and phone camera photography. I was very much looking forward to being a Dad, but nothing could have prepared me! Now it is the end of the year I couldn't imagine life without him. Flicking back through the photographs I took when he was first born I can't believe how much he has grown!

In July I was made redundant which came as a real surprise to me, I remember one of my work colleagues saying to me "is this your first time?". The good news of this was I got to spend 3 months at home full time with Ethan. I also got to spend some interesting time in the Job Centre in Shettleston, I fondly remember two occasions, the first was being taken to the back of the centre behind thick glass and accompanied by security for an interview on why I missed my signing appointment (I'd been for a job interview in Edinburgh) and my wife being ejected from the Job Centre as she "wasn't a customer" when accompanying me for one of their interviews.

In November I started new work in a completely different industry, one I already had an interest in but didn't know existed commercially; TV recommendations. I think I've settled in quite nicely there and am now working on a customer project.

Despite all this, sadly 2010 ended on a more solemn note as my paternal Grandfather passed away over the Christmas period after a short battle with Cancer. May he rest in peace. Unfortunately, Ethan never got to meet his great grandfather in person and sadly I couldn't arrange to visit before he died.

To summarise:

Best Part: Ethan's Birth
Worst Part: News of Being Made Redundant
Weirdest Part: Being sent a Christmas Card by my ex boss after not hearing from him since August.

Christmas Lights 2010 - 8

Happy New Year!

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