Monday, September 27, 2010

Cobleland Camping September 2010

For the September weekend this year Louise and I decided we should go away - this would also be my first holiday of 2010 and a welcome break since my redundancy. We opted for Cobleland Campsite which is a short drive away especially since it would be our first camping trip with Ethan!

We travelled up on the Friday which started poor due to me accidentally filling the van with petrol rather than diesel and calling to have the van towed to a decontamination centre in Polmadie. It would appear to be quite a common mistake if a company can run a facility 24 hours a day just for this... A very costly mistake which I eventually got over. This only delayed us by 4 hours which wasn't too bad. We arrived at the campsite late on Friday around 9pm when it was too cold to sit outside, but I set up the Gazebo, table and chairs ready for the following day's barbecuing.

This break also gave us our first test of the new pull out bed we'd designed and built over the last few months. The bed worked fine - a few teething issues, but nothing that can't be solved. We were also testing a new water filling system with an external filler cap which I fitted last week.

The Saturday was warm and we mainly spent the day lazing about; later that night we played a travel version of Monopoly which was incredibly fiddly. Louise won, but I suspect this may have been due to her accidentally dropping the bank's pile of cash onto her own. Though Louise does claim she lost a 500 out of it...

During the night the temperature dropped to below zero which was a worry to us since we had Ethan in the van, thankfully the insulation did its job and the inside temperature stayed reasonable (admittedly we did shore up some of the doors and windows with blankets). We'll be fitting a blow heater later in the year which will make a big difference.

Cobleland Campsite September 2010 - 01

Sunday morning was outing day where I got up very early and took a few pictures of the van at sunrise, got a few good pics with the moon in frame too. We travelled up to Aberfoyle where we parked and had a walkabout with hundreds of other tourists wondering why people went there - all we could find that was useful was a butcher and a co-op so we could restock the van for dinner and fry up breakfast the next day. The weather was incredibly good - people were wondering around in shorts and T-shirts which was bizarre given the overnight temperature. We then travelled over the Dukes Pass and around the Forest Drive - mainly to stop to have lunch, but the chilli for nachos we planned was still frozen so we had to cook it in the oven, instead we completed the drive and on around Loch Achray for another nice place to stop and eat. Here we got out with Ethan in his camouflage dungarees and assisted his steps in the grass!

Sunday night wasn't as cold as Saturday, but we were up early as I had an interview to get to in Edinburgh. I BBQd breakfast then packed away the van.

Other than the start it was a very relaxing weekend!

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