Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog migrated to Blogger Custom Domain

I've been holding off migrating my blog until I'd read up on everything. I created my blog years ago before Blogger (it was not owned by Google then) could host a blog on a domain other than and have been using Blogger's FTP service since.

Google are removing this method of Blog publishing from the 1st May and today I went ahead to use their new migration tool. My blog URL has had to change from to, but it works and took less than 15 minutes. Google goes through and updates my old blog (still at to add redirects so links will always work and point to the new location. I was considering moving to Wordpress, but my hosting company doesn't support MySQL or PHP with the package I use.

Thumbs up to Google for making this straight forward and retaining all my old posts and links!

Now I want to change my blog template...

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