Friday, November 07, 2008

Glasgow Green Fireworks 2008


We went to the 'Bonfire night' fireworks last night at Glasgow Green. We missed the last two and this year it was being held on November 6th due to a football match the night before. Glad football now takes precedent over celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes...

This years theme was West End musicals and the fireworks would be set to the music from famous shows. Unfortunately, it was quite dreary! Setting fireworks to the tune of Memories (from Cats) really isn't that exciting! There were a few upbeat displays - the Monster mash and a Buddy Holly song, but the rest were all pretty unexciting.

A few years back it was awesome and sponsored by Clydesdale bank - they even had frickin' lasers. Just shows there aren't any banks with spare cash around anymore!!

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