Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Glasgow: One of the world's top 10 cities

Photo by Ed O'Keefe

What does Antwerp; Beirut; Chicago; Lisbon; Mexico City; Sao Paulo; Shanghai; Warsaw; and Zurich all have in common with Glasgow? They are all listed as the world's top 10 cities by travel group Lonely Planet.

I moved to Glasgow 10 years ago for University and have enjoyed it all! I find Glasgow a fabulous city to live and work in. Whilst I've had ups and downs, I have always enjoyed the Glaswegian humour and friendliness! If I had to choose anywhere in the UK to live, it'd be Glasgow!

Over those 10 years I've seen a massive change to the city and every change has been for the better! Hidden away in Glasgow are delicious restaurants; fabulous Museums; superb Art Galleries; and is considered the best shopping centre outside of London!

The secret it would appear is finally out!!

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