Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why Video Game Violence

There is a really interesting blog post on Gamespot about the reason why there is violence in video games. A question which for some reason and as far as the author (and I) can tell, hasn't been asked before. A very enlightening read for which I agree with all of it. In fact one of the games I'm playing at the moment sometimes gives you a choice at the end of a mission whether you should end the character's life or not and I find it quite satisfying that it allows you to spare their lives (which I often do).

I particularly agree with his point about sense of realism, quite rightly life isn't a fairytale and if you play with knives, prepare to see blood. If I play a racing game and skid off the track I expect to see my car damaged, why should a virtual human character be any different?

in much the same way voice acting, sound effects, or real-time physics are tools. If I fire a gun at an enemy in Half-Life 2, I expect him to bleed

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