Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lewis Hamilton Spa F1 Controversy

Hamilton Cutting Chicane at Spa

My previous blog posts about Lewis Hamilton have all been quite negative. However, time has moved on and now I think the guy is a superb driver - additionally I've found the mute button on my TV remote so I don't have to listen to what he has to say (or more specifically the way he says things).

Anyway, I watched the Belgium Grand Prix today and was thrilled at the last few laps with some of the best racing action I've seen this year between Raikkonen and Hamilton. I thought both drivers drove hard and well - Hamilton doing the best of the two. Initially I was a bit sceptical about the controversial manoeuvre for which Hamilton has been demoted 2 places; I suspected he was a bit too hot out of the corner but watching the footage again clearly shows he was slower and by the fact he passes behind Raikkonen demonstrates he gave the place back to Raikkonen. I completely disagree and am quite dismayed that Hamilton's well deserved win has been stripped from him. I fully support McLaren's appeal and only hope Lewis' win is reinstated.

Hamilton Behind Raikkonen at Spa after cutting chicange

Whilst I'm backing Massa to win this year's championship, I'd prefer Massa not to win based on stupid decision making in the courts.


Rogier said...

I have been looking for places to vent my outrage as a lover of the F1 sport.

Thank you Barry, for taking the sportive side.

It was racing in its fullest beauty and Hamilton was the better of the two. Mind you, I'm a Raikkonen fan...

Everyone around the world has seen this. This is an outrageous decision, one that is damaging the sport.

Adeybaby said...

Yes, thank you for a sporting view. I am a Hamilton follower and, as such, have wondered if I am biased in thinking that this decision was unfair, but perhaps not. I have since seen video footage of Schumacher (Ferrari) performing the same manouvre on De La Rosa (McLaren) a few years ago and not giving the place back at all - no penalty!! There was also no penalty for Raikonen's dangerous pit exit which actually broke someone's leg, nor his wild driving which took a distraught Adrian Sutil out of the Monaco race.

I have watched Formula One for many years, but I shall watch it no more. The stewards need Ferrari to win the championship and that is what they will endeavour to achieve. It's just facade now, like watching wrestling and it's really not worth it any more.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for a sporting view .I think most have seen some injustice....try the following link , it brightened up my day slightly on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Hamilton was illegal, stewards decided to give him a penalty, and that's the right thing to do in those situations, it was about many points, not just a 7th or 8th place. He passed the S like a straightway, and then didn't let Raikkonen recover his position, and this is tottaly ILLEGAL.

Massa will certainly be the new WORLD CHAMPION.

cry lewis cry

Anonymous said...

Where is the advantage when you ar clearly off the throttle letting someone by? Its bulls**t saying he cut the chicane by himself to gain an advantage because clearly he was forced to cut it. His mistake was overtaking Raikkonen again before they had completed another corner .