Friday, May 09, 2008

Cashel May 2008 - a set on Flickr

I haven't posted in a very long time, too many projects going on at the moment and not even enough time during my work day to make a post :)

One of the projects my wife and I have been working on is converting an LDV panel van into a camper, we started this last year and did the bulk of the work almost straight away. However, it's an on going project where over weekends I'll potter away fitting shelves, cutting holes in the side of the van or doing something... We decided to take it out for a test camp last weekend near Loch Lomond. Louise was recommended a campsite called Cashel run by the Forestry Commission and we booked it for the May holiday weekend.

We were lucky enough to have some good weather - though it did rain quite hard on the Sunday! For the most part we just spent the weekend relaxing or going on short walks with our dog. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend this peaceful site for anyone! It also got me photographing again after a long period of taking progress pictures of the campervan conversion it was great to get out and take pictures of the countryside!!

We arrived on the Friday night and left the site on Monday morning, on the way back we decided to stop off at Balmaha which at 11.30 was very busy! The car park was overflowing so we decided instead to travel to Balloch. This had more parking so we were able to park up and walk around. I think we left at around 2pm and were amazed at the amount of traffic queued back on the A82 waiting to visit the Shores of Loch Lomond! Glad we got out when we could.

A great little trip, helped us decide where to build cupboards and their contents in the van and also test out all the functions which worked fine!

I've uploaded my photos to Flickr!
Cashel May 2008 - a set on Flickr


Newark Camper said...

Hi Barry,
I too was at Cashel last weekend I can't recall noticing your van but I was hardly there. We walked Ben Lomond on Saturday & I left my family there to go home on Sunday. You would have noticed my friends motorhome I'm sure? the 6 berth talbot pitched down to the right of the reception. Our van was one down from his. If you never noticed his van you certainly would have heard our 3 Border Terriers? everyone did I think lol. Anyway hope you enjoy the coming season & maybe see you back at Cashel sometime.

Barry said...

I remember seeing the Talbot (just on the corner of the two roads if I recall), we brought our dog too (Bruno the Boxer dog)! We spent a fair bit of time walking him along the beach and he spent all of that time doing everything he could to drag us in to the water!!

You got a good day to walk Ben Lomond - I have a lovely picture of the cloud just clearing on the peak of Ben Lomond on Saturday morning! Walking up it is one thing I'd love to do, just not fit enough or have the right equipment...