Monday, February 04, 2008

Microsoft Yahoo!

I read this earlier this weekend and didn't think much of it until I realised that I rely on two of Yahoo!'s products- Flickr! and I used to have a hotmail account in '97 and found it to be very good, then when Microsoft acquired it, it when progressively downhill to the point today where my hotmail name is different to my original because it expired and I use the account only very rarely to log in to MSN Chat.

I don't want Microsoft to get their hands on either as the first thing they'd do is move it over to Windows based systems which will undoubtedly cause severe trouble - although, perhaps they've improved since Hotmail! works pretty well now, I don't want to have my account tied in to an MSN passport and then have my bookmarks progressively integrated with Windows Live services. I just want it the way it is. I was pretty reluctant to sign up with a Yahoo! account for flickr!, but I decided there wasn't much to lose and the Flickr! staff had announced they wouldn't be making any serious changes - good enough for me so I have one. There hasn't been any mention from the flickr! staff about what could or will happen, perhaps because it's speculative at the moment. I know one thing for sure. I don't want Windows Live Photos!

I did read somewhere that they may sell off Flickr! and I don't know who'd buy either - perhaps Google would buy both. I've already mentioned a Google takeover of would be cool.

MS could do something very cool with Flickr!, something Apple has yet to do properly. MS could release an IPhoto type application for Windows Vista and tie it in with Flickr! with synchronisation. You alter the photo in "MS Photo", the alteration gets synced with Flickr! similarly you tag a photo in Flickr! it gets synced back to "MS Photo". That would be a great product and if done right, a great iPhoto competitor. Although, maybe, just maybe, Apple will buy Flickr! and add this capability to IPhoto as an extension to it's .mac services. I did notice a Flickr! viewer on screenshots of the new Apple TV take 2...

BBC NEWS | Business | Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo

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