Friday, November 09, 2007

School Strippergram Screw-Up

I just read this article on the BBC about a strippergram sent to a 16 year old at school on his birthday as a present. Looks like it was a mistake on behalf of the company organising it as his Parents ordered the "present".

I've just a few queries about this particular incident, the first being; How did she get into the class? Singer, stripper, whatever - they shouldn't have even been allowed on school grounds. Second; Why did they even allow her to start - I'm sure it would have been pretty obvious what she was.

Unless of course her uniform was so good as to pass as a real police officer in which case. Calling all weirdos and terrorists, take heed of this proven method of entry.

Utterly ridiculous, a simple mistake by the stripper company/parents, horrific error of judgement by the school. The school are apparently investigating - I wonder if they find themselves blameless?

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