Thursday, November 08, 2007

Futurama Interview

I've been waiting for the new Futurama movie with anticipation since it was announced over a year ago! The DVD movie will be released in a few weeks now and the 'buzz' on Futurama sites is increasing.

There is a nice interview from CGEF (Can't Get Enough Futurama) with David X Cohen about his past, what he did during his time between Futurama (the Futurama 'hiatus') and some extra information about whats on the disc.

I'm looking forward to the Maths extra on the DVD - a lecture by Dr. Sarah Greenwald. Dr. Greenwald is a fan of Futurama and has a great website listing many of the mathematical references contained within the Futurama TV Shows.

Benders Big Score is released on November 27th.

Link to the David X Cohen Interview
Link to Futurama Math by Dr. Sarah Greenwald

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