Monday, November 19, 2007

Futurama Bender's Big Score

"Uncancel your plans for the future - FUTURAMA is back!"

My preorder for the newest Futurama DVD - Bender's Big Score arrived this morning earlier than expected!! On the back the following Special Features are advertised:

Futurama Returns - A live comic book reading by the Futurama cast
Everybody Loves Hypnotoad - A full-length episode of the future's most popular TV program!
Deleted Storyboard Scenes
A Terrifying Message from Al Gore - An animated promo for An Inconvenient Truth featuring Bender and Al Gore with Video Commentary
Bite My Shiny Metal X - A mind shattering Futurama maths lecture!
3D Models / 3D Turnarounds
The Script: Original First Draft
New Character / Design Sketches
Original 5-minute Comic-Con Promo

Inside there is an advert for the Futurama comics with headline - Resistance is Futile! and an advert for a handpainted picture of the crew playing nude beach volleyball.

The DVD packaging is very nice and a great change since the somewhat mundane TV show releases a few years back!

I've unboxed it on YouTube...

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