Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It runs Doom!

Following on with the Doom theme (believe me this is completely unintentional), I just discovered the phone I use (a Palm Treo 680) runs Doom. Let's be honest here, what doesn't?

Well, since my contract is coming to an end I've been scoping out possible alternatives. Possibly a Nokia N series on Three; or maybe the iPhone on O2 - unlikely, I've tried the "My iPod needs replacing" already!

Then via the I discovered ZDoomZ which is a port of the Doom engine to the Palm. It will run any Wad files - which I happen to have both Doom and Doom2 wads lying about!

It was a bit tricky to install since I had to install the Timidity MIDI engine by hand since the instructions didn't work. Doom went on fine and after configuring some keys I started Doom to be prompted by familiar music and a surprisingly smooth Doom experience - with authentic sound!!

I may just be keeping hold of my Palm after all!!

ZDoomZ at MetaViewSoft
Wikipedia Article about Versions and Ports to Doom

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