Thursday, October 18, 2007

Churchill Make Good

Earlier in the year Louise and I had an eventful drive to the south of Spain and a small part of that was spent waiting at the side of the AP-15 just outside Pamplona in the Provincia de Navarra, Spain. We waited for about 5 hours whilst our UK breakdown company Green Flag (via Churchill Insurance) mis-communicated with Linea Directa, their Service Provider in Spain.

When we returned from our trip there was a questionnaire lying in the hallway asking me to rate the service received for this breakdown. I took great delight in expressing my feelings including specifying the weather as 40 degree direct burning sunlight. On the back they had a suggestions box which I used to highlight (what I thought) were the main problems which could and should be rectified.

A week ago I received a letter stating that they have admitted the lack of communication and apologised for the inconvenience. They explain that they will discuss this with their service partners - presumably so it doesn't happen to somebody else in the future. Anyway they refunded £40 as a gesture of goodwill.

I'm quite happy that something is being done and I've scanned in the body of text for everyone to read:

Link to my blog post about the journey

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