Monday, September 17, 2007

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a big headed, arrogant and sore loser. Every single press interview he gives, makes me dislike him further. I remember back at race 5 or 6 when Lewis failed to get onto the Podium, when asked how he felt, he responded that he wasn't quite sure what to do since "this is the first time I don't have to go to the Podium".

On the linked BBC article Lewis Hamilton is quoted:

I've never felt favourite but it's always easier when you're chasing someone than defending.

Nothing to do with the other Driver's skills of course? The almighty Schumacher never had this problem!

Yes Lewis, you are a good driver and in the next few years when you've found your feet and honed your skills - you will be unbeatable. At the moment though, you aren't. The first corner at Spa proved this - Alonso kept his ground and you lost out!

Personally I think Hamilton's points have all come from the start of the season when he did so well - since then he's been in the top 5 - but not at the top. The start of the season was very convenient for him, because of the hours he put in at McLaren training simulators which none of the other drivers of any car had been able to do at their teams.

Unfortunately for Lewis, his luck's running out faster than his track experience is gaining.


Anonymous said...

lewis is quite possibly a greater talent than schumacher. you seem to forget that ron dennis has sponsored him for around 10 years. what that means is, he's been sponsored continually by one of the shrewdest men in f1. he's not arrogant at all, he's a young man with incredible talent, and he's british. so leave him alone and stop feeling jealous and inadequate

Barry said...

While I won't deny that he could be a greater talent than Schumacher, I will maintain he is arrogant. In recent races he seems to have become a bit more sportsman like, but I still find him quite arrogant - he appears to expect everything handed on a plate to him and this was proved by his behaviour on track at Hungary (see

Why would I be feeling jealous and inadequate Mr Anonymous poster? I have absolutely no desire to be strapped into a speeding bullet with limited aerodynamics and limited grip to control it thank you very much!

FuckEngland said...
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Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Hamilton is in the same league as Schumacher is mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

what annoys me further is the British coverage from ITV who are simply the "Lewis Hamilton Fan Club". Every driver is referred to by their surname, except him - he is "lewis". this then leads it to us copying them and just upholds his image of being an arrogant and jealous man that he so clearly is.

Anonymous said...

Your so right-hamilton im afraid is taking advantage of his race-he somehow thinks he is going to be the tiger woods of f1-when really he is a daddys boy spoilt little upstart-who spends as if there is no tommorow.
other drivers deserved the mclaren drive its all about marketing im afraid.
When he refused to speak to brundle on the grid i thought then yes mate your there and you know it.
go back to gp2 and do further traing cocky shite.
andy(jenson fan)

Hetz said...

Bet you're feeling clever now eh.

Barry said...

Please bear in mind when this blog post was written (Sep 07)!! In the time since then I think Lewis has really improved his driver etiquette a long way and I commended him on this in Sep 08. Next season should be fun to watch!!