Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Parcel Force and Paypal

I sold my iMac earlier this week and in the process of completing the online "paperwork" I pressed the button to print a packing slip.

This usually prepared a nice label which I could print and affix to my parcel ready to take to the post office. Except this time was a little different...

It asked me for the weight of the package (14Kgs), Paypal already knew the source and destination so I had a selection of postal options to choose which covered this journey. I chose "Parcelforce 24" and was given a quote of £11.99 - really good value! So I accepted, paid for this through paypal and instead of a nice address label - I actually printed the barcoded label for ParcelForce! All I had to do was drop it off at a post office or arrange a driver collection.

Now this was where the fun came in!

I'd chosen "drop off at Post Office" since they couldn't offer a (free) collection from my house today so I wondered up to the post office and they didn't really know what to do; washed their hands of it and claimed they weren't touching it because it takes business away from the Post Office. However, they did offer to post it if I paid the difference between the £11.99 I paid online and the £23.50 they were going to charge. Yep you guessed it - I turned around and wondered out slugging this oversized, overweight package underarm...

Turns out the post office were wrong to turn me away due to the fact I had all the completed paperwork and barcodes affixed correctly - but not much I can do about that now. I travelled down to Dixon's Blazes and dropped the package off at the Parcel Force depot and it travelled out tonight.

When I spoke to Parcel Force they explained that the Post Office should have accepted it since they are Parcel Force collection points. The lady I spoke to explained that a lot of them don't realise the discount offered by ParcelForce/Paypal for eBay purchases - at 50% it's awesome and the lucky winner of my auction got a £10 refund from the original P&P charge!

Next time you sell something on eBay - check it out for a real saving in postage! It may take away business from your local Post Office, but at those savings with free collection - Post Office, get with the times!

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