Sunday, July 29, 2007

Removing Kitchen

Removing Kitchen - 1
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Some people go to Spain for Holiday, some go for work. Well, Louise and I have also gone to remove termites from our house!

The house we purchased a while back has a bit of a termite problem. We've been slowly removing all the original wood from the property (thankfully the structure is concrete) such as door frames and whilst we thought the kitchen was safe - we discovered last year it was infested.

Armed with gloves (lot's of), paraffin, insecticide and a hammer we set about removing the old kitchen and replacing it with a temporary stainless steel one.

This flickr set shows the state the kitchen was in - the picture above required no tools to lift this 1.5 inch thick worktop up off the cupboards below!

There are two types of termites, "subterranean" and "drywood". We suspect we have subterranean which require baiting and poison to totally irradicate!

In the process we also found an insect we couldn't quite identify.

Flickr! Set - Kitchen Removal

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