Monday, May 28, 2007

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is definitely a Formula One driver to watch, however, I wonder just how much modern technology in the F1 cars is helping Lewis achieve the results he is currently enjoying.

I was a bit surprised to read that McLaren are being probed over possible team orders when they requested Lewis to 'take it easy' toward the end of the Monaco Grand Prix. How is this team orders? It simply stops Lewis Hamilton taking out Alonso and losing McLaren a one-two finish! Common sense!

Why is everyone saying he was robbed of his first win? Yes, he is quick - he has done well in motorsports before F1 (See this Lewis Hamilton article on Wikipedia), however it is still his fifth F1 Grand Prix and he is proving he is doing well! Why should we be expecting him to be winning every race?

I think this media coverage is giving Lewis Hamilton a bit of an ego now as I have read that he acknowledges the 'team orders' so that he didn't pressurise Alonso into making a mistake - and then perhaps colliding with him after such a mistake.

I was told to take it easy, so there was no point pressuring him into a mistake, and then if he had made a mistake to crash into him, so it was best to finish one-two.
Quote taken from article on BBC Sport

I watched on the edge of my seat Alonso being pressured by Michael Schumacher for the best part of most races and not making any mistakes. I doubt he would have in Monaco just because it was Hamilton.

Alonso deserved to win - he was definitely the fastest all weekend.

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