Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision Song Contest

I went bowling on Saturday night to intentionally miss the Eurovision Song Contest since it had shunted Doctor Who off the schedule...

However, we arrived back to watch the last couple of songs with a few beers and see the final scores and of course Terry "We won the Cold War but we lost the Eurovision" Wogan's fantastic commentary. After watching the short clips we seeked out the Ukranian song 'Dancing Lasha Tumbai' and hoped it would win! A bit of a crappy song, but catchy and I am sure destined to be 2007's Macarena! Personally I think it's a perfect 'eurovision' song - a lot of effort's clearly gone in (doesn't that star sparkle) and in fact it's moved from 43 on the iTunes chart this morning to 16 right now and (hopefully) about to overtake Britain's lame attempt with 'Flying the Flag', which sounds to me more like a bad advert for British Airways and how much better the UK is to the rest of Europe (what?)

I was so disappointed that Malta gave the UK 12 points!?! Ireland of course did the neighborly thing and gave a couple of points to the UK - and of course the UK didn't reciprocate - surprising, given the fact that this week marked the restoration of power sharing in Northern Ireland... It would have been so amusing to see the UK entry 'scooching' off with no points.

Watch the Ukraine's 2007 Eurovision Entry (Verka Serduchka) on YouTube
Link to the Eurovision 2007 Final Scores

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