Thursday, May 03, 2007

Colourful Encryption

The HD-DVD encryption system was cracked over the last week and the AACS licensing authority is trying to take down the numbers wherever they appear on the net. They are failing miserably as a google search for the numbers yesterday revealed 30,000 results and today they're indexing 370,000 pages with those numbers!

t3knomanser decided that it was a good idea to create a colour palette containing those numbers, unfortunately when he converted it to GIF - the HEX encoding was lost.

What do you think of the pretty image I've created on this page? I quickly made it up in photoshop using some colours I thought go quite well together...

t3knomanser's blog
Originally found on Boing Boing

The above image is licenced under Creative Commons. I hereby waive the Attribution requirement on this licence.

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