Monday, April 23, 2007

Mobile Phone Insurance

In January of this year I bought a Treo 680 from Expansys on contract from Vodafone, the problem that I didn't realise is that Vodafone won't insure my mobile because it's not from them and they couldn't do a 'like for like' exchange. This meant looking for a 3rd party insurance company...

Most of the ones available are for purchase with a new phone, for example Carphone Warehouse, Argos, etc. I found one quite quickly on the internet, but (to me) it seemed like a bit of a nobody and wasn't sure whether it was a rip off or not.

Left with no choice, I went ahead and purchased the insurance from a company called Insurance4mobiles but with a number of different domain names on the internet. The website claims it is underwritten by AXA and when I called the number I actually got through to someone. The monthly price is £7.99 for my Treo 680 and you pay the first three months up front.

Well, you can't really review an insurance company without a claim, so by luck (or not so) I had to make one recently.

I managed to accidentally crack the screen on my Treo and this is covered by the insurance policy's accidental coverage. I called the company and told them I'd like to make a claim and they wanted proof of purchase of my phone, this was going to be slightly difficult as I'd purchased it from Expansys using Paypal. I forwarded on the paypal receipt and it wasn't accepted; after explaining the situation they would accept a photocopy of the label on the side of the box including the make and model of the phone along with the IMEI number. I compromised by offering a photograph of the phone displaying this information - I sent the photo via email and they were happy with it, claim approved and it would be a £25 excess fee.

They sent me an addressed package for the phone and claim form to sign which arrived the following day. After posting it, a few days later an absolutely brand new boxed and unopened Treo 680 arrived through the post!

After my initial reservations, they've demonstrated they are good - and a lot easier than some insurance companies I've claimed through (T-Mobile).

If you have an uninsured phone or laptop, have a look. They ensure a wide range of mobiles and have a couple of different insurance products.

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