Friday, April 27, 2007

Election Fever

Well, maybe not fever or excitement. Rather than blurt out my political thoughts and indicate who I'll be voting for - I thought I'd poke some fun at the election leaflets which got forcefully thrust through my letterbox yesterday morning. I'm also doing a postal vote, so I get a sneak preview at all those smaller parties you know nothing about until the big day - Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers party anyone?

First off, there is Richard Sullivan - Glasgow Baillieston candidate for the Scottish Conservatives, he lives nowhere near Baillieston, managed to spell the name wrong and waffles about how the Town Centre needs regenerating! Baillieston "town centre" is a street of maybe 20 or 30 shops, mainly takeaways and estate agents plus a couple of each type of shop including greengrocers and butchers with a Lidl and Morrisons right at the end. I actually thought it was doing rather well myself - not a single closed or out of place shop with new ones opening every month or so... Secondly he goes on about the need for "people here in Baillieston" to "deserve to be able to walk their streets at night". This confirmed it - he's never been here at night - In the couple of years I've lived here I've never seen a single problem! I might take him up on his offer to give me a lift to the Polls - might actually get him to see the area!

The other amusing leaflet was from David Jackson - candidate for the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Inside he waffles on about making Scotland, greener, safer, increasing health care and making young people matter. It's this last one I found amusing as the headline is sitting right next to the following picture:

That looks like a young person putting a Buckfast bottle in (presumably) a recycle bin. Are they encouraging young people to drink - or just be responsible enough to recycle their Buckie bottles after consuming them?

Another leaflet posted through my door doesn't bitch about other parties or offer to give pensioners more money. They simply state:
  • No to Anti-Social Behaviour
  • No to More Bogus Asylum Seekers
  • No to More Immigration
  • No to Being the Sick Man of Europe
  • Yes to Long Term Sustainable Jobs
  • Yes to More Police
  • Yes to Better Quality Housing
  • Yes to Education that Works
  • Yes to a Better NHS
  • Yes to a Cleaner, Greener Environment

Well - I'm fairly sure Labour will get in again, but hopefully not. I'm posting away my vote soon and maybe it'll make an iota of a difference.

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