Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Steve Jobs on DRM

This is quite an interesting post by Steve Jobs about the state of play with DRM and online music.

With many European companies complaining directly to Apple about the restrictions employed by the iTunes music store, Steve points out that 2.5 of the 4 big music companies are based in European companies so the finger should be pointed in their own backyard. Looks like Jobs' is fed up with getting the flak...

Another concern which I have heard time and time again is 'DRM locks you into a specific device'. Steve counters this by providing the statistics that about 22 in every 1000 songs in each iPod is from their iTunes store - I agree with this - 2% of your music isn't going to stop you from ditching your iPod and picking up a Zune... In fact, looking at my iPod, I have 34 protected items on it - and 3561 of 'normal' music and videos on it. The number of songs purchased from iTunes will be a little higher as before I had an iPod I burned the music to CD and reimported it, but it still well under a few percent. I could easily switch to another device if I wanted to.

It really looks like DRM music is a complete waste of time, especially when the majority of music is being sold on CDs - although contrary to Steve Jobs' argument record companies are trying to inflict 'compatible' copy protected CDs upon us.

I think it is refreshing that the largest retailer of online music is taking the attitude that DRM is bad! You have my support.

I found this in an article on TUAW
Here is the original posting on Apple

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