Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mighty Mouse Scrolling

Something that bugged me since owning an Apple Mighty Mouse since March last year is it's seemingly inability to scroll horizontally and vertically at the same time (diagonal scrolling) - being a ball you'd think it could. This facility is particularly useful in apps like Photoshop...

For some unknown reason I never thought to look in the mouse preferences to discover a 'scrolling options' selector box which offers an option to allow 360 degree scrolling... At last I can scroll in a circle with my mouse 'wheel'!

Whilst writing this I've just discovered another thing which I 'miss' from Windows; to middle click and scroll down a webpage. On my mac, whenever I try this I invoke the Dashboard which is frustrating, if I hold down the control key however, I can drag and scroll down a website in Firefox.

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