Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gotten out of hand

I think this whole 'racism' issue in the Big Brother house has gotten completely out of control. Wikipedia are running an article which outlines exactly what comments have been made in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

Last I checked there was a black person in the BB house as well as an indian (I don't know all of their names so I won't use any), yet all the attention is focused around the indian. Why? Surely if they are all being racist it would be across the board - perhaps they are just bullying the indian girl because she is annoying - like that guy you know.

The comments I've heard are - calling the indian girl, "the indian girl" - Guess that includes me then. The second comment was about the Londoner not wanting to touch the food because they didn't know where the Indian's had been. I don't want to eat food unless I know where the preparers hands have been either.

Just think of this: How many times has an English person called people up her the 'f**cking scottish'? Perhaps me - the 'bl**dy irish'. Jeez, I'm blonde too...

People should grow up and realise - yes it is bullying, but it isn't racist bullying. As soon as people call it racist, then become racist.

This is no more derogatory than an Edinbugger calling a Glaswegian a 'weegie' or a weegie calling someone from Edinburgh an 'Edinbugger'...

Please move along - there isn't anything to see here.

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