Monday, December 11, 2006

Palm Z22

My Palm Z22 crashed over the weekend never to return to life... The palm displayed a repeating pattern of coloured noise across the screen during usage, then again during a failed hotsync. My mac and palm were pretty much in sync so I don't think anything has been lost, but the Z22 never survived the second reset. There are 2 reset systems available - one a simple reboot and another is a complete refresh of the system, neither worked and the unit simply 'hangs' at the Palm Powered screen.

I purchased it in April at a Dixons Tax Free store and thought I'd take it along to one of the new stores. They were not particularly helpful, being totally obsessed with the charger - the Z22 charges over USB so you can use either a power charger or a USB lead but they really couldn't be bother to help (this was the Jamaica Street store in Glasgow). However, they did give me Palm's technical support number which I then called when I got home. Palm have agreed to fix it under warranty and I should get a repaired Z22 in the next 2 weeks.

If a bricks and mortar store really can't assist in after sales support with just a little more effort - why should I use them? There is now no difference between purchasing something at Amazon/Expansys and Currys/Comet other than price... That Treo 680 on Expansys is looking more and more appealing...

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