Friday, December 08, 2006

Just a Wii bit too slow...

I was reading about the New Nintendo Wii along with some action shots (numerous) on YouTube and I have to admit I started wanting this thing - it does look pretty sweet!

Then I discovered had an over supply and were selling them today between 3pm and 4pm. So on I went to Amazon's website and used the new automatic reload feature in Firefox to reload the page every 5 seconds. As fast as the 'add to shopping basket' button appeared I clicked - and waited, then waited a little more. Got through to the shopping basket to pay and then - 'Sorry, your item is no longer available, it has been saved in your shopping basket'. Arrggh!

Moral of the Story - Use 1-Click dammit! These things must have sold literally within a minute!

Oh well, impulse buying urge over. Saved me £179 too! Although that one on eBay for £200 is rather appealing :) must switch off, internet...

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