Friday, November 17, 2006

Casino Royale (No Spoilers)

I had the pleasure in watching James Bond in Casino Royale last night at the Showcase Cinemas in Coatbridge. Interestingly I was able to buy the tickets at home - and print them which I thought was cool. This is the second movie I've watched in this cinema on opening night when it wasn't packed. The last was the Matrix (part 3) where Louise and I were 2 of about 5 in the entire theatre. For Casino Royale, the theatre was about 20% full. Annoyingly there was some idiot letting his kids run about riot - a couple of people told his kids to be quiet and sit down when the father started squaring up, eventually he (and kids) were removed by the staff. I think half the people watching the film were ready to lynch the guy if he hadn't been removed - ignorant moron.

Back to the movie; I was thoroughly impressed, definitely one of the best bond movies I can remember and I think Daniel Craig ranks right up there with the top two bonds (Connery and Brosnan) and I look forward to the next Daniel Craig bond film.

They've moved away somewhat from the gadgets and moved a lot more closely into the story which I thought was great. You can definitely see Bond transforming from a bit of a novice at the start into someone quite expert toward the end. I don't like to spoil anything so I won't reveal anything other than - yes it was Richard Branson appearing as a cameo.

Regardless if you're a bond fanatic or not - go and see it. Now!

Update - The Daily Telegraph has just been posted an article indicating Casino Royale has smashed box office records taking £1.7m yesterday!

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