Thursday, November 30, 2006

Use them while you can...

It looks like Russia has finally given in to the US and agreed to close down 'AllOfMP3' type websites. I'm not going to list any here, but if you use any, now would seem to be the time to use up any unused credit!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

UK Schools Bans WiFi Due To Health Concerns

(Via Slashdot)

I'm amazed at this, if you RTFA it basically talks about a "prestigious preparatory in Chichester, West Sussex" removing their WiFi network due to parental concern. In particular Vivienne Baron who's 10 year old grandson (Sebastian Baron) attends the school is demanded that the wireless network was removed and replaced with cabled system as the long term health concerns were unknown. I should hope that Vivienne hasn't used a mobile phone near Sebastian (lest he own one), nor god forbid, have a cordless phone system at home or (the horror) ever cooked a microwave meal.

To be fair - a school removed it's wireless network due to one of it's teachers (Michael Bevington) becoming ill:

I felt a steadily widening range of unpleasant effects whenever I was in the classroom,” he said. “First came a thick headache, then pains throughout the body, sudden flushes, pressure behind the eyes, sudden skin pains and burning sensations, along with bouts of nausea. Over the weekend, away from the classroom, I felt completely normal.

My wife is a teacher at a secondary school which doesn't have a wireless network and conversely her and her colleagues also usually feel somewhat more relaxed away from the classroom - they even have wireless networks at home!!

Link to the Times article
Link to the Slashdot posting

Friday, November 24, 2006

Amateur - Lasse Gjertsen

I found this YouTube video by accident through another blog advertising 'TinyTube'.

It is quite possibly the most creative video I have seen on YouTube. This guy claims not to play the drums, nor the piano - but he sure can edit a video! He has recorded himself hitting a couple of drums and pressing certain keys/chords on a piano and has timeline edited those clips to 'compose' or at least 'play' a particularly good piece of music.

Watch it!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Casino Royale (No Spoilers)

I had the pleasure in watching James Bond in Casino Royale last night at the Showcase Cinemas in Coatbridge. Interestingly I was able to buy the tickets at home - and print them which I thought was cool. This is the second movie I've watched in this cinema on opening night when it wasn't packed. The last was the Matrix (part 3) where Louise and I were 2 of about 5 in the entire theatre. For Casino Royale, the theatre was about 20% full. Annoyingly there was some idiot letting his kids run about riot - a couple of people told his kids to be quiet and sit down when the father started squaring up, eventually he (and kids) were removed by the staff. I think half the people watching the film were ready to lynch the guy if he hadn't been removed - ignorant moron.

Back to the movie; I was thoroughly impressed, definitely one of the best bond movies I can remember and I think Daniel Craig ranks right up there with the top two bonds (Connery and Brosnan) and I look forward to the next Daniel Craig bond film.

They've moved away somewhat from the gadgets and moved a lot more closely into the story which I thought was great. You can definitely see Bond transforming from a bit of a novice at the start into someone quite expert toward the end. I don't like to spoil anything so I won't reveal anything other than - yes it was Richard Branson appearing as a cameo.

Regardless if you're a bond fanatic or not - go and see it. Now!

Update - The Daily Telegraph has just been posted an article indicating Casino Royale has smashed box office records taking £1.7m yesterday!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

You know you snack too much when...

I've just received my Tesco Clubcard Vouchers and I have been given a coupon to receive 25 Extra Points when I buy - Doughnuts.

They've obviously realised that last quarters selection of vouchers for fresh fruit, vegetables and milk just didn't get used.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Remembrance Sunday

The Duke of York's School Dining Hall and Clocktower

It's wednesday now and I still haven't blogged about our weekend in Dover at my old school for the Remembrance Sunday parade, service and 'old boys' dinner.

Louise and I flew down on the Saturday and arrived at Heathrow in plenty of time to hire a car and I never realised how long it takes to drive from Heathrow to Dover (2 Hours). We arrived a little later than I expected, but with enough time to unpack the clothes for the dinner that night and get some water and snacks from the nearby Tescos. I was hoping to get to see the Rugby match, but alas we arrived hours to late for that...

We were staying in the same hotel as the old boys association dinner which was at the Ramada Hotel and quite conveniently located for the school. We were very impressed with the hotel, very clean, nice food and a free wireless network (which my Mylo couldn't connect to for some reason).

The dinner was being held in a marquee which sounded and looked quite ominous as it was outside, in November and the lights had just failed... After 15 minutes they got the lights working and everyone eventually found their seats! The marquee was surprisingly warm inside.

We were definitely the youngest at the old boys dinner, probably by about 15 years - but everyone made us feel extremely welcome and most were impressed we'd made the journey from Scotland for the weekend. Aubrey Sadler apparently had difficulty deciding which table to place us at since we were so young, in the end he placed on the headmasters table with a few other teachers whom I knew already and some members of the OBA. He couldn't have made a better choice and I thank him for that - all of us at the table exchanged stories all night! I was amazed at how the other members shared stories about people and things that were at the school even when I was there!! The headmaster became head of the school two years after I left and will be leaving the school shortly - it turns out he actually met his wife in Glasgow and worked at Glasgow Academy! The food was extremely nice and I would definitely go back again.

The OBA had put a band on for some dancing after the dinner which played well and we even got up for a couple of the songs!! After the dance, I had the opportunity of singing the school song 'Play up Dukies' which I had never heard before, the other old boys were stunned at this and helped me along with the song and I was given a copy of the lyrics to take away.

The last time I went for the Sunday parade was in 2002 when it was rained off, but the weather played in our favour and I joined the rest of the school along with other Old Boys for the first time since I left with Louise watching from the sidelines. We parade around the main square before marching to the war memorial for a short service to remember those soldiers who gave their lives fighting for their country.

The sunday service was well and I took great opportunity in singing the school hymn 'Sons of the Brave' which was very nearly banned in '94 when the girls started at the school.

After, I was able to walk around the school museum and some buildings showing Louise where I lived and studied during my time there, we then went for coffee where I yet again met up with the headmaster who wished us well for our journey. I also met up with my old housemaster who it turns out owns a house in El Chorro, Spain where Louise and I visited on a coach journey in October 2004. I mentioned our house in Olvera and he knew of the town as he'd driven past it from Jerez airport, he also informed me one of the School Commissioners also owns a house in Olvera!

We left the school a little later than we thought and were a little late in dropping off the hire car at Heathrow (no extra cost), but in plenty of time for our delayed flight back to Glasgow.

All in all, a good weekend!

Initial Zune Advertisement...

I don't think the linked to video from CNN is exactly what Microsoft had in mind for it's launch day media hype!

Basically the Zune is introduced discussed and immediately shot down when one of the anchors shows off her new iPod Shuffle.

Quite amusing to watch - you can almost feel the disappointment at Microsoft.

Zune on CNN Video

Friday, November 03, 2006

Flybe agrees to buy BA Connect

Whilst I'm not completely familiar with what is happening here - nor really too fussed (I like both Flybe and BA). I was impressed by how quickly the decision was apparently made... I received an email from BA indicating they proposed to sell the subsidiary to Flybe at 9.51 and then received an email from Flybe at 10.01 indicating Flybe had agreed to acquire it.

Fast decision making!