Friday, October 06, 2006

New Features in Leopard

Found this posting whilst browsing the web and found it quite interesting - he talks about the advertised features of Leopard which were unveiled a few weeks back, but he adds a couple of predictions one of which is spot on. He thinks one of the secret features was unveiled in the Keynote - Core Animation. He thinks it'll be at the core of most applications in Leopard to offer a 3D desktop - reminds me of the Java Desktop Sun wrote on Linux (Looking glass??). One of the items he talked about was flipping through your albums in itunes in a 3D interface - just like CoverFlow is now. Quicktime has some 3D elements in it as you can flick through the movies on the iTunes store in this way. Chris predicts it will be the backbone of the Finder being able to flick through your files and folders in a 3D way would be cool! Maybe Apple will recreate the Looking Glass feel by giving Expose a 3D element - flip through the open windows on your desktop...

An interesting read! I look forward to seeing what Mr J reveals in January! If Apple do release a 3D Finder and 3D Expose, then Vista will be just left behind; compared to Tiger, Vista is already looking quite dated!!!

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